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About Shirley

Great Face, Better Skin

Shirley Dillaman, Master Esthetician is a graduate of American Spirit Institute.  Established in 1992, American Spirit was the first Esthetic School in the state of Virginia and is respected by many Spa Owners as “THE School” to hire their new Estheticians. It was there that Shirley was trained in Advanced Skin Care Techniques and Modalities.  She continued her education through post-graduate studies.  Attending classes on Advanced Peels through Physicians of Arizona and also taking classes at the International Institute in Washington, D.C. in advanced techniques and product knowledge.


Shirley did not start her career in Esthetic’s until her middle forties.  While receiving a  facial one day  at a  local spa,  the Esthetician made this comment, “Shirley, I think you should consider going to Esthetic School”.  She asked the Esthetician why she had made that statement and the reply was, “you already know so much about nutrition and taking care of yourself that it seems like the right fit for you”. What that Esthetician didn’t know was that Shirley also loved working with ladies in improving their self image.  With much deliberation and consideration of the time and training that it would require, Shirley took the plunge into the world of skin care.  Upon graduation from Esthetic School with her Master Estheticians license, she then got her Master Instructor’s license and taught at the American Spirit Institute for 4 years.


After working in the Spa industry for the next 5 years, Shirley ventured out and opened her first spa,  Have A Great Face, where the focus was strictly on skin care.  The love for skin care and the desire to teach every individual how to take care of their skin grew more intense.  She also realized that she needed to expand the services that the spa provided so that customers could experience not only a great facial, but could also receive other spa services.  With limited space and the desire to expand, Shirley knew that she would have to move into a larger facility, therefore,  Have A Great Face, which basically focused mainly on facials, has been birthed into the new spa called,  MINT .