This European style treatment combines all the benefits that you would expect out of a full facial. You will walk out of the spa, no matter what your skin-type is, with a beautiful dewy glow. This is what your facial will include:

Double Cleanse and Analysis

This aromatic pre-cleanse will remove dirt and make-up from your face as it soothes your senses. Next we will analyze your skin, counsel you on what would be best for your specific needs and then perform a second cleansing to really clean your skin and get it ready for exfoliation.


Now it is time to remove those dead skin cells on the outermost surface so that your skin can function properly. As a professional exfoliant is debonding the skin cells, steam will gently blow across your face opening up the pores so that Mint’s Master Esthetician can gently perform extractions as needed.

Massage and Mask

A customized mask addressing the specific condition of your skin will be applied allowing the nutrients to absorb. At this time, a soothing massage is performed increasing lymph drainage and improving muscle tone as it relaxes facial tension. Here at Mint, A Boutique Spa, we also include an arm, hand and foot massage!

Don’t be embarrassed if you fall asleep, we take it as a compliment!

Customized Serum & Moisturizer

Whether your skin is dry, oily or a combination of both, we will send you out the door with the proper serums and a moisturizer that will hydrate and protect your face from destructive rays.


To achieve even greater benefits from your facial, other modalities can be incorporated. They may include any of the following: Microdermabrasion, Sensi-Peel, Microcurrent, Microphototherapy, and Hydrating hand treatments. Please ask one of our Master Estheticians to discuss this with you in greater detail.

Signature Facials

$110 with dermaplaning$100

60 minutes

Interested in this service? Give us a call at 804.651.7298 or make a reservation with one of our specialists!

Mint’s Rejuvenating Facial

Let’s face it, it is a universal fact that everyone enjoys a facial where they can just lay back and enjoy every moment! If that is what you are looking for, then relax and pamper yourself, this is the facial for you! A facial is not only beneficial both psychologically and aesthetically, but it will improve your skins texture along with relieving stress.

Interested in this service? Give us a call at 804.651.7298 or make a reservation with one of our specialists!

Men’s Facial

Lets face it guys, this is the 21st – century and men do get facials. Honestly, a well kept woman loves a well groomed man in her life. You might be saying, well “I go to the gym and I’m nice and buff, but just as you don’t care for a woman that is growing hair on her upper lip, we don’t care for a the uni-brow you may be sporting! Did I really just say that.

All kidding aside, my male clients love their facials and they range from business men, teachers, dentists and lawn care specialists. So what about you, take the plunge and give it a try. You won’t regret it and you will see ever so clearly why that women in your life takes the time to pamper herself.

Mint will start out with a doubling cleansing of your skin, and an analysis of your skin type to see if you are oily, dry or perhaps a combination of both. After an exfoliant has been applied you will enjoy an arm massage while steam is blowing gently on you face. We will remove the exfoliating product with an aromatic steamed towel. Oh, so nice! Your Master Esthetician will then clean out those pores if needed as gently as she can so that not to cause to much discomfort. I know you can handle this guys because you were designed to be the stronger sex, right? Application of the proper mask for your skin type will be applied following this procedure. As the therapeutic mask is penetrating into your skin, the therapist will massage your shoulder and neck muscles to promote a level of relaxation that you have looked forward to all day! Once again, she will use yet another steamed towel that has been treated with an essential oil that promotes relaxation to remove the product.

We will send you out the door feeling like a Million Bucks!

Men's Facial


45 minutes

Interested in this service? Give us a call at 804.651.7298 or make a reservation with one of our specialists!